From Inside

Since I came back from USA, I struggle to organize pictures taken there. So many places and people met that it’s hard to find a link between them. But day after day, editing progress and some ideas are emerging.

I realise that a « road trip » is essentially made of… road. I think I spent about 20 hours inside a car during my 2 weeks here. Being inside a car, a plane, an airport can be frustrating because you’re cut from the outside where stand your subject; well, MY subject. So I realise I took a lot of pictures from this strange point of view. Todd Hido has done it before and I don’t have his talent; but using this perspective is interesting for me because you’re not part of the reality you attempt to capture. You’re somewhere else; like in a busy airport overhanging a desert runway; like in an air conditioned car driven across the burning Death Valley. You’re not connected to the subject as if you were outside.

Something I like too is to be able to appear on the scene without using the « selfie » thing; only using reflective properties of the glass and the light blocking properties of my body (well I’m not a ghost). It may seems weird to many people because very simple but I think it’s kind of magic:

You’re inside, you’re alone. You capture the world outside and you still can be part of this capture.


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