Nouvelle série: Reconstruction

Me revoici après une longue absence.

Je démarre une nouvelle série: RECONSTRUCTION.

Il s’agit d’un travail autour de l’ordre émergeant du chaos. Une métaphore sur le laisser aller, la renaissance intérieure.


Série en cours

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New serie in progress: RECONSTRUCTION is about order emerging from chaos; a metaphor about letting go to born again

So busy right now…

… I don’t have time to update as I’d like.

Another serie I’d like to start is about photos you can take while siting in a car. Shooting at the right moment; a moment that will never happen again. You’re in a car, there is a direction, an hour, a certain weather, a way the light hit the road, the landscape… I’ll try to make this serie with only my 28mm point and shoot to keep a regular format. Th serie will have constant additions through the journey  I’ll go onto.